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Regal Adult Day Services is...?

Regal Adult Day Services is an adult day program focusing on stimulating socialization skills, monitoring and/or supervising all activities of daily living, and therapeutic activities.  We offer a wide range of activities, both for the individual and the group setting.

Respect and admiration for our clients is prevalent throughout the program. Regal has been created to provide quality care in a protected environment that advocates support of the individual and the family.


We provide services for adults who are...


  • Alone or isolated-in need of socialization.
  • In need of supervision.
  • In need of activities and care after a recent medical event. 
  • Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia related illness.
  • In need of assistance due to physical impairment.


We offer...


  • Nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Special diets available
  • Morning and afternoon  


  • Games—movies—music—arts & crafts.
  • Amateur entertainment
  • Outdoor activities
  • Music and pet therapy
  • Social activities and community field trips.
  • Daily exercises
  • Physically active games
  • Task oriented activities to stimulate cognition.


  • Daily exercises
  • Physically active games
  • Task oriented activities to stimulate cognition.
  • Small groups to increase peer interaction.


Regal Adult Day Services is a member of the Indiana Association of Adult Day Services (IAADS) and regularly participates in its educational programming. Visit the website at IAADS is the leading voice of the adult day services industry in Indiana, and is the state focal point for adult day services providers.

Organized in 1981, IAADS is committed to providing its members with effective advocacy, educational and networking opportunities, technical assistance, research and communication services.

Regal Adult Day Services, LLC is an Indiana limited liability company.


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